Locally crafted in Minnesota

Small batch home-roasted coffee beans and treats

Scandia Farmers Market

Join us for some local goodies every Wednesday through September 21st from 3:30 to 6:30-P.M. at the Scandia Community Center parking lot, 14727 209th St N, Scandia, MN 55073!

Franconia Art & Farmers Market

Come spend your first Sunday of every month through October, walking and shopping from 10-A.M. to 2-P.M. at the Franconia Sculpture Park, 29836 St. Croix Trail, Shafer, MN 55074.

Need to replenish your coffee supply?

We careful roast each batch to the roasting profile that bring out the best flavors of the coffee beans! Available in half-pound bags whole bean or ground. Currently, we sell at farmers markets and take orders from customers via text message or phone call. Orders are fulfilled in 3 to 7 business days. After placing your order, customer service personnel will reach out to let you know your order is ready.

Coffee and Other Treats

Dark Roast


Timor coffee has a spicy, chocolate tones, and is slightly acidic. It’s a hardy bean that can take the heat! Timor coffee beans are from the region of Atsabe, Timor. Timor is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. Surrounded by the Banda Sea on the northern side and Timor Sea on the southern side.

Espresso Smooth

Espresso Smooth coffee is a combination of Sumatran and Guatemalan coffee beans. It’s full bodied and low acidity. The coffee bean origins are from Huehuetenango, Guatemala and Takengon, Sumatra. This is our best seller!

Other Items

Chocolate Covered Beans

Enjoy roasted coffee beans covered in 60% dark cacao chocolate.

Spicy Salsa

This homemade salsa has a tasty kick. Buyer beware…

Roasted Coffee

1/2-lb bag of whole bean or ground


Chocolate Covered Beans

Yummy treat!


Spicy Salsa

Tasty and spicy!