How did I get started?

I’ve been a life-long coffee fan.  In pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, I have passed through the doors of every major chain, innumerable local shops, and even the occasional gas station.  Even at my favorite coffee spots, I found the results to vary from week to week.  So, I brought the process home. I’ve tried all types of brewed coffee; drip, french press, instant, single serving, cappuccino machine, “cafe de olla” (pan-made coffee), and even clean sock-filtered coffee. 

​Along my java journey, I realized that one of the most important aspects to the perfect cup of coffee is the roasting of the bean.  Naturally, I started roasting coffee beans.  Finally happy with my results, I decided to share the fruits of my labor with others. 

​The past two years have been fun and a joy to meet customers who love the coffee we offer!  I look forward to helping you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

​Keep on keeping on with a great cup of coffee!